The Rooster Croweth

Have you been following the Tournament of Books? I hope so. The TOB is a yearly occurrence at our beloved TheMorningNews, wherein 16 of the year's most acclaimed books battle it over the course of three weeks to see who will reign supreme. I was a judge in this year's tournament, along with novelist Sam Lipsyte, The New Yorker's Sasha Frere-Jones, Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy, and about a dozen others. It was great fun, I was proud to represent for Team MorningNews, and today the winner is announced. It was a landslide. But you should read about it anyway! And, as every year, the best part of the TOB is the commentary by professional smartasses Kevin Guilfole and John Warner. Well, I'm not sure they're professional smartasses, but somebody should be paying them.