So this is what it looks like today

It’s gorgeous outside. There’s an explosion of Wisteria less than a block from my house. The birds are chirping. It is one of those days when you want to find excuses to stay outside. Dumb excuses, like, I think I need to fill up the tank. And also: While I’m filling up the tank, I should get a car wash.

And it was inside the car wash that I started taking pictures. This is what it looked like:



I liked that picture. It looked kind of like a cloudy sky, although it was actually a spray of soap. It’s so bizarre to be inside a car wash. It feels like an alternate universe. I can remember being a kid, how different sounds thrilled and terrified me. The swish and the rumble. The red buffers were always my favorite:


And I liked the part when the water went horizontal, kind of like half the world had been tilted on its side:


Afterward, I met Allison and we drove to a party for the opening of the new bridge downtown. Last night my mom mentioned this new bridge. She called it the Helen Hunt Bridge.

“I don’t think that’s the name,” I said. “Helen Hunt is an actress.”

She considered this. She acknowledged that Helen Hunt was, indeed, an actress. But what could she say? That was definitely the name of it.

This is not true. The bridge is called the Margaret Hunt Bridge, but I will continue to call it the Helen Hunt Bridge because that’s obviously much better. Anyway this is what it looks from the inside of Allison’s car when you are driving to the bridge not named after the female star of “Mad About You.


“People not from Texas imagine that this state is full of random stores where you can just wander in and buy a chainsaw and a shotgun. And you know what? They are correct.

OK, so we got to the bridge party. It was crowded but pleasantly so. Parents with strollers and kids with face paint and hipsters and yuppies and people like me and Allison. Food trucks. A parade. As I stepped onto the bridge, speakers were blasting the Michael Jackson song “Rock With You,” which was probably the greatest thing that ever happened because a) that song is amazing and b) I’d actually tried to play “Rock With You” in the car earlier that day on my busted iphone and it hadn’t worked so this felt like magic. Vindication! The bridge looked very cool against the blue sky, against the backdrop of downtown, the spokes flying out like some kind of carnival ride. This is what it looks like underneath. Helen Hunt will be very proud. She should come visit.


My legs were tired when we got back into the car. I had that crinkly nose feeling of being out in the sun all day, like I might have a sunburn eventually. I was so tired when I got home that I kicked off my shoes, and crawled into the bed. Bubba hopped up and settled on my belly. And this is what it looks like from underneath my covers at the end of a gorgeous afternoon, although this is also what it looks like at the end of pretty much every day.