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My drinking years: ‘Everyone has blackouts, don’t they?’

Posted July 7, 2015

I’m in Paris for work, which is exactly as great as it sounds. I eat dinner at a fancy restaurant and drink cognac — the booze of kings and rap stars. Somewhere near midnight, I tumble into a cab with my friend, and the night starts to stutter and skip. How did we get back . . . Read More

Are You An Alcoholic?

Posted July 7, 2015

My twentysomething social life was one long drink special. Margaritas with a crust of salt on the rim, a frosty pint spilling foam, and the always regrettable “Who wants shots?” I had always assumed my drinking would calm down after I graduated college. Instead, it ramped up. The bars opened their pearly gates to me, . . . Read More

Lush For Life

Posted July 7, 2015

The morning after my first office holiday party, I woke up in a dog bed in someone else’s house. This was surprising to everyone involved, but perhaps most poignantly, the dog. The night prior had been an elegant shindig at an Austin bar, where I’d managed to knock back two bottles of wine, suck down . . . Read More

My Relapse Years

Posted July 7, 2015

I can remember the day I knew I would never quit drinking. I was sitting in my closet, contemplating the bottle of Cabernet I had just picked up at the liquor store and realizing I was absolutely, positively going to open it. I had been trying to quit for months at that point. No wait: . . . Read More

Watching a Spectacular Public Meltdown With Just a Hint of Jealousy

Posted July 7, 2015

A few days after Whitney Houston died, a friend sent me a link to a story by Cat Marnell. “What do you think of this writer?” she asked. I’d heard of Marnell, the bad-girl beauty director at xoJane, a Web site for women run by Jane Pratt, the founding editor of Sassy and Jane magazines. . . . Read More

Blackout: Remembering The Things I Drank To Forget

Posted July 4, 2015

Excerpt: City of Light I’m in Paris on a magazine assignment, which is exactly as great as it sounds. I eat dinner at a restaurant so fancy I have to keep resisting the urge to drop my fork just to see how fast someone will pick it up. I’m drinking cognac—the booze of kings and . . . Read More

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