Sarah Hepola

Oh hi, I didn’t
see you there

It’s a little more than a month from the paperback release of “Blackout.” I’m updating this site with paperback tour dates, although the “tour” will be less of a direct hit and more of a rolling wave. Dates have been set in June for Dallas, Austin and San Francisco, with dates in LA, NY, and DC to come in the mid-summer and fall. Maybe other cities, too? I’m open.

I’m going to start updating this creaky old blog, too. Maybe I’ll share stories about the past 11 months. Maybe I’ll share some of my secret insecurities, self-defeating habits, coursing anxieties, and recipes for my favorite peanut-butter chocolate dessert (Hershey bar, jar of Jif). The point is that we’re going to be getting closer again, you and me. We’ve been apart for too long. As Tom Waits sings, “If you get far enough away, you’ll be on your way back home.” Here I am. Home again.