Sarah Hepola

What I’ve
been up to lately

Last night I ran into an old friend, and she was like: Where can I find all the things you’ve written lately? I asked if she was on Facebook, and she was like, no I don’t do that, and I was like, YOU ARE SO SMART, and then I was like, but wait, where CAN you find all the things I’ve written lately? I used to have lists. I used to have compendiums. I used to KEEP this information somewhere, didn’t I? Now it’s all: Follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, find me on Instagram. (By the way, find me on Instagram @thesarahhepolaexperience.) We’ve changed.

I told her I have a website, and she was like, OH GOOD, and then I was like, but I don’t really update it that much, and then I was like, BUT I WILL (thinking to myself, no you won’t). But I’ve proven my interior-monologue-self wrong this morning, because here I am, updating my website with some stories I’ve written lately — which is to say, like, in the past year.

Everything is Amazing, and Nobody’s Happy: a story about not meeting Louis CK

TV’s quiet 12-step revolution: how television is getting smarter about addiction

When you become the person you hate on the internet: My “Fresh Air” commentary about a social media faux pas

Going away without ghosting: Another “Fresh Air” commentary about grown-up ways to say “I’m not that into you”

This Is the Most Remote and Magical Hotel on Earth: A story about Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, and although headlines are notoriously overdramatic, this one fits